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Room Packing Service for International Students

Packing Service for Students

The coronavirus, also referred to as Covid 19, has affected the lives of so many this year.

Students have been particularly affected with lectures cancelled and Universities closing down. Many International Students have left University at a moments notice in order to get flights home and are unlikely to return before the start of a new academic year in September / October.

Many providers of student accommodation require students to vacate their rooms before the summer starts and this has led to a massive logistical problem for many students who have returned to their home country without packing their rooms and arranging for storage over the summer vacation period.

Since March 2020 we have received a surge of requests to provide a packing service for students who have returned back to their home country and need to have their rooms packed and their items stored over the summer months.

Door2Door Student Storage has responded with a new packing service for students .

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