6 Savvy Ways Students Can Save Money At University

student money tips

Most students will agree, university years are the best. It's the first chance to become independent and enjoy all that comes with it, from becoming an expert in your favorite subject during the day to clubbing with friends at night. 

But along with all the joys of university life come the financial responsibilities. You need to think about paying for rent, food, supplies, bills... and the list goes on and on. Whilst student loan helps with this, without proper thought, your money can trickle away to nothing.

Fortunately for you, we've made a list of ways to help you save money!


1. Discounts

student discount

By far one of the best ways to save money at university is using discounts. Wherever you can, use discounts! On food, clothes, shoes, university supplies, electronics, everything! Even if it just saves you a few pennies, cause in the long run it all adds up. 

Students usually get a specific student discount with a majority of shops in the UK. You can find these discounts on or


2. Live & Share with Your Friends

student house

Opting to share a house with friends instead of living alone tends to work out cheaper (and more fun!). It means rent and other bills get split, effectively making student life cheaper.

As well as that you can share other costs, such as food and amenities like kettles, pans, and cutlery. There's no point in each house mate buying everything alone, otherwise you'll end up with 5 salt grinder and 5 kettles. Come together as a group to decide what essentials are needed for the house and split it evenly. 


3. Buy In Bulk (Where you can!)

Smaller portions of food, supplies, etc. tend to cost more than just buying in bulk in the long run, especially if you know you will need it over the year.

For food items that last a long time, such as dried pasta, flour, sugar, snacks, it is better to just buy it in bulk. Usually in supermarkets they will show you the price per kg as shown below. 

price comparison students

4. Sales

student sale

Sales are a great way to save! So before you splurge on a new pair of trainers or get that brand new phone, take some time to research when the next sale is on. You may find that those full price trainers will be on sale next week.

And if your very fortunate, you may be able to add discount codes to your sale price for an even better deal!

Also, most supermarkets will have sales on their food items every week on foods about to go out of date. In some supermarkets its labeled with a yellow sticker and in others there's a specific sale section. Check these areas out and remember that some of these food products you can freeze, prolonging their shelf life.


5. Plan Ahead (Student Storage)

student storage

Whilst summer seems far off, it's good to start planning ahead where you will store your items over summer. We've heard all sorts of ways students store the items over summer whilst they go home from buying a whole storage container for a few boxes to renting an empty apartment! Or they end up spending crazy amounts of money on last minute storage.

All of these options are very expensive and use up all the money you've saved up. We've got a cheap solution!

At Door2Door Student Storage we offer simple student storage. All you need to do is order how many boxes you want on our website. This will come with 12 weeks storage, parcel tape, insurance (up to £50), and delivery & collection & re-delivery costs. So you don't need to worry about any hidden charges.

Then pack up your boxes, we will collect them, store them and then return them when you want. Easy!

Visit us at


6. Use Free University Resources

university library

You'll find that at most universities they will offer you free resources to help with your education. Sometimes they'll offer you free software, such as Microsoft office, or they'll give you free items (be sure to go to freshers- lots of free goodies and food!). 

One of the most expensive things you have to buy for university courses are the books. But, a way to get around this is to visit your university library and to take pictures or photocopy the chapters you need! This can save you hundreds of pounds over your university course.


Final Piece of Advice

university student holiday

We hope all the above tips help you to save some money whilst your at university. Our final bit of advice is to remember to still have fun and enjoy your freedom. Set yourself some money aside for a fun day out or for a holiday! It's good to use your money wisely, and part of that means enjoying it. 

Good luck Students!  

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