Is it Making You Tear Your Hair Out...?

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Tearing your hair out trying to find the best price for student storage… then keep on reading…..

Many companies carefully entice students onto their web site with the promise of low pricing….


Quite often it all looks too good to be true....

"storage for just £1 per box per week"

"FREE boxes"


"FREE collection"


So just check out if they include any additional charges for:

  • boxes and the parcel tape
  • delivery charges for your boxes and parcel tape
  • collecting your boxes
  • re-delivering your items back to you at the end of your storage period
  • re-delivering your boxes to a different part of the country


Also check to see if they charge storage by the month or by the week....

If you are charged by the month then an extra days storage will end up costing you a months worth of extra storage charges...

If you are charged by the week then then an extra days storage will only cost you a weeks extra storage charge....


With all the extra costs charged most students end up paying a lot more for their storage than they have to….



At Door2DoorStudent Storage we try to make everything as simple as possible..

Our “ALL-INCLUSIVE PRICING” structure means that you can quickly and easily work out how much you are going to pay…


Our price includes:


  • boxes and parcel tape delivered to your door
  • collection of your items
  • 12 weeks storage
  • Re-delivery to any mainland UK postcode address


If you need to store your items for longer than 12 weeks then we make a small additional charge per week starting at just 90p per week for a Standard Box.

If you have any questions or you can a better deal then please chat with us online or leave a message and we will get back to you as quickly as possible.

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Susan Foo

Susan Foo

July 01, 2019

If I need to store for 3weeks what are your charges for 3 large boxes (25kg) and 1 suitcasr

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