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4 Common Student Storage Problems- By Door2DoorStorage- Cheap Student Storage

Student life can be awesome! There’s partying, meeting new people, embracing independence – the list is endless. There are, however, also a fair few unavoidable things that are guaranteed stress, like moving backwards and forwards between home and university, and what to store where.

 To some students, storage is just stuffing your items into a box, in some draws and even carrier bags – anything to get it out of sight and mind. To others, it might be taking everything back home over the holidays. In any case it is likely you will relate to these common student storage problems:


Your Parents Have Turned Your Room Into A Guest Room

Many parents will leave their child’s room the exact way they left it while they go off to university. But there are other parents who will jump at the opportunity to completely redo your old bedroom and change it into a guest room, a new office, or even a gym! So all the items you left behind end up being shoved into a shed, loft, or garage. You may even find that some of your items have ended up on eBay!!  So, if you can’t leave your items at home because of limited space and you can’t leave it at your university accommodation of the holidays, where can you leave your items? Well we have a solution! Store your items with us at Door2Door for cheap student storage from less than £0.30 per day per box. We have brilliant service and you may even find it easier to store with us than if you were to store with your parents.


You Know You Can’t Leave It All At The Student Accommodation

Unfortunately, not everybody gets to live with housemates they love or can trust, and more often than not, you can guarantee anything you leave behind is likely to get used or even damaged. You may even find that when you return there are items missing from your room. But don’t worry, if you store with us at Door2Door you will find that all of your items will be returned to you in the same condition as you left them with us. Hopefully you won’t live with pranksters who wrap up everything you own! 


Somehow You Have Enough Stuff To Fill A Small Home

When you start packing you may start to realize that you have far more stuff than you realized. All that clutter and random stuff that you have collected over the years has finally caught up to you. This becomes a problem when you start to pack up your car for university only to find that you have enough items to fill at least two cars! And you don’t want to leave anything behind in case you need it for university. Like various fancy dress outfits for parties, a library’s worth of books in case you want to read something, and your DVD collection. When you started packing you only thought you would take your kettle, laptop and bedding – what happened? If this is you, it could be time to have a little clear-out. Why not sell some of your items online so you can make a bit of cash in the process! Or you could store some of your less used items with us at Door2Door for safe keeping.


It Turns Out Taking Stuff Home On The Train Is Not Easy

You might feel completely fine about taking all your belongings down to the train station to get back home, until you actually start walking down to the train station with your several bags, rucksack, and wheelie suitcase and start to feel the toll of all your belongings starting to slow crush you with every step you take. You may even start to feel it could have been easier to tackle Mount Everest! So, if you’re stuck in this situation where you can’t get a lift back home have a look at our storage options. We sell affordable cheap storage to students at Door2Door at only £0.30 per day per box.


Don’t Worry

If you are having some storage problems, don’t worry!! We know that you already have stress on your shoulders, so let us take this stress off you. Just go to and order your storage boxes today in a few simple clicks.


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