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10 Alternative Packing Materials- University Student Storage Tips by Door2Door Student Storage

Not everyone will have packaging peanuts just lying around so here are a few cheaper packing materials that may even be in your room. 

1. Newspaper

News paper is easy to find in your local supermarket. you may even find that your university has a free news paper just lying around. so grab yourself some news paper ball it up or tear it into strips and package it into your box.

student storage over the summer

2. Magazines

Magazines are just as usefull. you may find that you have a few old magazines just lying around. So crunch them up just like you would with the news paper and stuff it into your box. 

student storage over the summer

3. Old Clothes

You may find that some of your clothes have been ruined while at university. Well instead of throwing them away cut them up and use them to fill in gaps in your box.

student storage over the summer

4. Junk Mail

You may get some junk mail while in university so instead of just throwing it away make it useful by turning it into packaging material. 

student storage over the summer

5. Paper Waste

You'll have loads of paper waste while your at university so instead of throwing it away, recycle it as packaging material. You can even shred it which will make it even easier to use as a box filler.

student storage over the summer

6. Re-sealable Sandwich Bags

Sandwich bags are cheap at supermarkets. So go down to your closet super market and get yourself some. Once you've got your sandwich bags blow some air into them to provide a cushion in packages that aren't quite full.

student storage over the summer

7.Wrapping Paper

You may have received a couple of gifts while you were at university for your birthday or Christmas. So instead of throwing it away save that paper and scrunch it into balls and stuff into any gaps that are in your box. 

student storage over the summer


You can buy yarn very cheaply at any craft store, or even at a 99p shop! Go grab some and then use it as a box filler. 

student storage over the summer

9. Plastic Bags and Packaging

You may find over time that you have a pile of plastic bags just tucked away in a draw or under the bed. So instead of just leaving them to one side, use them to fill in any gaps in your box.

student storage over the summer


Now this may sound crazy, but popcorn is a great and Eco friendly box filler. All you need to do is buy some cheap popcorn, put it into a bag and then place the bag into any gaps in your box... simple! 

student storage over the summer


We hope that these creative ideas are useful for you when you are packaging your boxes. And remember to check out the sale that we have going on at our site for university students who need storage at


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