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Student Storage for International Students studying in the UK

It’s almost here students… summer time! Studying in the UK is great however it can be a struggle for those of you who live abroad.

We here at Door2Door Student Storage want to make life a little bit easier for all university student, especially those of you who live abroad.

Some of you international students may find that your stuck figuring out how you will manage to transport all of your items from university back home abroad and then have to bring all those items back for your next year at university.

summer student storage door2door


Well no need to fear… Door2Door Student Storage is here! We provide simple and easy storage for all students. All you need to do is:

  1. Pack your boxes (We will provide and send you boxes and give you free parcel tape).
  2. We will pick up those boxes from anywhere in the UK mainland.
  3. Store your boxes for up to 12 weeks (with only a 75p charge for a Standard Box and 99p for an Extra Large Box each additional week).
  4. And then return your boxes to you anywhere in the UK mainland when you want them back.

summer student storage door2door

So order your boxes now at

We also have a SALE going on now at Door2Door student storage! Our Standard box is now only £24.95 and our Extra Large Box is £34.99.

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