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Summer Storage for University Students

 It almost summer time…yay!!! And that means no more work from university, a nice long break for all of you university students!

summer student storage door2door

So now that it’s almost summer you might have started to wonder how on earth you are going to bring back all your belongings from university back home for over the summer. This may be a bit harder for those of you who are living abroad. You may wonder how you are going to fit all your items into your suitcase for your travels back home.

Well don’t look any further because we are here to help!

We don’t want you to have any stress in these last couple of weeks before the end of university so Door2Door Student Storage is here to provide you with top quality storage at a low price!

Our service is completely easy to use. All you have to do is choose whether you would like a Standard Box or an Extra Large Box. Then after you have paid we will send you your boxes, you pack the boxes with all your items and trinkets from university, we will come and collect your boxes from anywhere in the UK mainland (even from your university!), store your items carefully for up to 12 weeks, then return your boxes anywhere in the UK mainland!

summer student storage door2door


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