Student Storage in Birmingham - Storage for Students in Birmingham Made Simple

Student Storage Birmingham 

Birmingham  has a thriving community of over 5000 international students from 125 countries. With over 370+ undergraduates courses at Birmingham  international students are sure to find the perfect course.

Most Birmingham  Halls of Residences require students to vacate their rooms over the summer. As many international students go home many Birmingham  students are turning to Door2Door Student Storage to store their student storage items over the summer holidays.

We offer a range of student storage options for students at Birmingham  including:

Student Storage Options

  1. Standard Student Storage Box
  2. Extra Large Student Storage Box
  3. Store our Own Suitcase.

If you are at University in Birmingham check out our home page for more details about student storage over the summer.


Birmingham is located in the west midlands of England with a population of over 1 million. It is a city that is filled with highly exceptional levels of creativity with outstanding art galleries, theatres, orchestras and so much more.  Birmingham also has other unique attractions like the Cadbury’s chocolate factory or the BBC public space where you can record your own weather forecast. Birmingham was also once home to the famous writer J.R.R Tolkien and it is said that some locations in Birmingham University provided inspiration for some of the settings in Lord of The Rings and The Hobbit. So, if you are attending Birmingham University then you have lots to look forward to. And hey, why not use our Student Storage to help you store a few things over the summer holidays? Our "ALL-IN-PRICE" structure makes it simple for you to see exactly how much you are paying for the storage of your items over the summer. We have no hidden costs - so no unexpected costs for boxes, pick-up or re-delivery.