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Bubble Wrap 600mm x 10m

Bubble Wrap 600mm x 10m

Buy our Bubble Wrap to help protect your fragile possessions.

Are you storing fragile items..? Then some sort of packing is essential to keep them safe and secure. 

Our bubble wrap provides longer lasting protection and better cushioning to help prevent your valuable items from harm when in transit.

You can also use the bubble wrap to provide a protective layer between items in boxes or to lay on the top of furniture to protect surfaces.

To fill gaps in your boxes, the bubble wrap can be ‘scrunched’ up to prevent your items moving inside the box. This gives ultimate protection to your possessions.

What’s more, bubblewrap is a great stress-buster for you during the move and you will also love popping it before you send it off to the recycle bin!

  • Made with large bubbles 


 Bubble Wrap Details:

- 600mm wide x 10m long