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Southampton Vita Student Accommodation

  • The UK's #1 student accommodation experience is here in Southampton with 2 buildings to choose from, our private studios start at £166 per week. Pick the place you’ll enjoy for the rest of your life.

    Vita Student not only provides your accommodation but also upgrades your student experience to ensure that it is truly unforgettable. So why not take a stroll around Southampton's famous harbour. Treat yourself in one of the many shops on the high street. Take in a museum exhibition or ask for our take on each of the cities 550 restaurants and bars. Ask for our take on each of Southampton's 40 live music venues and 550 restaurants and bars. Vita Student puts Southampton's most popular amenities on your doorstep.

    Room Prices Per Week

    Ranges from £167- £279

    Classic Studio: from £166

    Classic Plus Studio: from £167

    Premium Studio: from £175

    Deluxe Studio: from £194

    Lite Studio: from £212

    Accessible Studio: from £279

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