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Bath iQ Twerton Mill Student Accommodation

  • Twerton Mill is an IQ Student Accommodation property located west of Bath city centre. It's a popular choice of accommodation for students at Bath Spa University

    Room Prices Per Week

    Ranges from £182-£247 per week

    Townhouse Room- From £182

    Townhouse En Suite- From £192

    Bronze En Suite- From £186

    Silver En Suite- From £199

    Silver En Suite Plus- From £191

    Gold En Suite- From £194

    Platinum En Suite- From £208

    Diamond En Suite- From £217

    Gold En Suite Plus- From £199

    Platinum En Suite Plus- From £203

    Bronze Studio- From £236

    Silver Studio- From £239

    Gold Studio- From £241

    Platinum Studio- From £244

    Platinum Studio Plus- From £247

    Room Sizes

    Townhouse Room- approx 10sqm

    Townhouse En Suite- approx 10sqm

    Bronze En Suite- 13sqm

    Silver En Suite- approx 13sqm

    Gold En Suite- approx 13sqm

    Platinum En Suite- approx 13sqm

    Diamond En Suite- approx 17-19sqm

    Silver En Suite Plus- approx 13sqm

    Gold En Suite Plus- approx 15.8sqm

    Platinum En Suite Plus- approx 13sqm

    Bronze Studio- approx 18-19.5sqm

    Silver Studio- approx 20-21.5sqm

    Gold Studio- approx 21-27 sqm

    Platinum Studio- approx 21-23.7sqm

    Platinum Studio Plus- approx 26-28sqm

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