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Room Packing Service - Room Clearance Option

Many student accommodation providers require that your room is cleared.

As an additional option to our Room Packing Service, you can add on our Room Clearance Option for your student room. This involves our packing team removing all items so your room is cleared ready to vacate at the end of your tenancy.

Our packing team will pack the entire contents of your room and will then clear your room of any items that should not be there at the end of the tenancy.  This includes emptying the fridge of foodstuffs (unless you have a shared fridge/kitchen space) and emptying rubbish bins and items from your bathroom. It excludes the disposal of any large items such as sofas, chairs tables, etc.

Please note it is your responsibility to advise us if there are any special instructions regarding items that belong to the accommodation and your personal contents in any shared spaces.


Only available as an add on option with our Room Packing Service.